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Hello all,  I would like to take this time to share my testimony:

I attended a women's conference at my church called Faith to Faith Glory to Glory in Spartanburg, South Carolina earlier part of this year. There was an altar call for prayer. It was there I met Pastor Betty Jamison for the first time. I whispered in Pastor Jamison's ear that I needed prayer for healing for a sickness that I had be dealing with for years due to past pain and low self-esteem. Pastor Jamison said, "Be Healed."  After she prayed I thought, "Well, I didn't feel any different." Pastor Jamison gave me a red prayer cloth that she had anointed and prayed over. Since then I have prayed and cried. Long story short. Healing has manifested. Chosen, Healed and Free.  To God be the Glory!! Great things He has done!

Laurel McAlister


Greetings all!

My name is Arlene Scott. I want to share my testimony of how Watchmen on the Wall Prayer Network has been such a blessing to my life and my children. Watchmen on the Wall is a ministry of intercessors who will stand in the gap on your behalf. They are a gift from God. I have been apart of Watchmen on the Wall for three years. God has brought healing, deliverance, hope and increased of my faith through Watchmen. I am a single mother of four children, working and waiting for pay day to come. I knew to give my cares to Jesus, but I did not. I kept picking them up and theses cares kept weighing me down. This group of ladies prayed for me, and "I saw change". Glory to God!! I have seen blessings come my way. Such as, someone I didn’t know paid my light bill for three months. This ministry stands on the promises of God and will stand with you until the manifestations of God's promises comes forth.


Pastor Jamison,

I would recommend you to anyone that wants to change their life. My life has changed since meeting  you.  You are such a powerful season woman of God. You are truly  a woman of God who teaches women of all walks of life kingdom principles.  Your life exemplifies the virtuous woman.   Thank you so much for being a prayer warrior, intercessor, teacher who operates in the prophetic.  You are a midwife who empowered me to  propel ahead in my spiritual walk. It only took one visit.  I attended a birthing session.  I was at a crossroad of trying to decide what, where or how to do what the Lord had given me.   I did not have the energy or clear vision.  I was just stuck. After one visit Pastor Jamison,  while you were praying every question was answered.  Your prayer took away every doubt and fear that I had in regards to the ministry the Lord had given me.  I left there empowered and propelled ahead with a clear vision for the ministry.  Pastor Jamison you are an asset to the Kingdom of God.  I am walking into my destiny today because of your impartation of knowledge, encouragement and most of all your  prayers. You are a mighty warrior that will tear down any stronghold that may hinder, stop or block my success in the Kingdom of God. I am enjoying the blessing of God which was ordained for me and my family from the beginning of time.  I will close by saying Proverbs 31:29 "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. You are a blessing and I thank God for you!

Dr. Myrtle Newbold
Myrtle Newbold Ministries