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Watchmen on the Wall Prayer Campaign: No City Left Out!!!

And seek the peace of the city whither I caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the PEACE thereof shall ye have Peace. Jeremiah. 29:7

Prayer Assignment: Untimely Death, Premature Death, and Accidental Death

Help us make a difference by joining your faith with our faith in strategic corporate prayer every first Monday of 2020. We also ask you join us by fasting from 6 am to 3 pm. Our assignment is to pray, intercede, intercept, decree and declare walls of fire, build spiritual boundaries, and hedges of protection around our cities, homes, jobs, churches, men and women of God, our families, law enforcement officers, soldiers, schools, highways, and airways.

Our prayer points are:

1. Plead the blood over our families, our children, church leaders, president, vice president, local and state officials, law enforcement officers, our soldiers and their families,  our doorpost, window sills, thresholds , cars, roadways, our regions.

2. build boundaries of protection through intercessory prayer, and apply the blood over our cities, churches, communities, state, and nation

3. bind up homicides, premature death, untimely deaths, accidental deaths, mental illness, depression, pain, agony, suicides, accidents, reckless driving, spiritual and natural contract hits, assassinations plots, executions, ambushes, drive by shootings, road rage, mass murders, drug trafficking, expose terrorist plots, domestic violence (abuse),  death by drownings, and the retaliation of gangs, turf wars, violence and association to be broken and destroyed in  Jesus Christ name.

4. pray for salvation, pray for the backslider, pray against ungodly soul-ties, pray for deliverance, reveal the schemes and plots to us in dreams and visions. I apply the blood over the airways, over all the interstate highways, back roads, at every intersection of previous deaths the Holy Spirit reveals.

5. bind up premature deaths from sickness: strokes, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, aneurysm

6.Let us loose the breaker 's anointing in each of these situations.Let us  pray for reversal of death cycles, life, health, and divine healing in Jesus name. Pray during the day, pray and cover your family, home, and possessions by pleading the blood over them in Jesus name.

7. Lord God, in Jesus name we release your peace in every city, state, community,  neighborhood where we reside.

Our mission is to bombard heaven until it impacts earth, because nothing leaves heaven until somebody prays. The bible says the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man avail much. We have the prescription to impact communities, the nation, and the world. Help us make a difference in 2020.